Piazza Castello

The morning of the day for which you booked this private shore excursion, at 8:00am, you will meet our driver right next to your cruise ship docked in the port of Venice, without having to walk out of the port. Please note that our company has permissions to drive up to the passengers cruise terminals.

Our driver will head first of all towards the slopes of the Vicentine Alps to reach the famous resort town of Marostica, whose ancient part is surrounded by picturesque fourteenth century walls with quadrilateral plant. The walls run along the hill until they join with the Castello Superiore (Upper Castle), of which the central tower and the drawbridge are preserved.

You cannot miss a nice walk from the Castello Inferiore (Lower Castle), once seat of the Venetian Podestà, to the Castello Superiore, a pleasant uphill stroll with interesting views to be recorded in your photographs and videos.


Today Marostica is famous especially for the chess tournament played in Piazza Castello every two years by living characters. This is a re-enactment in traditional costumes involving over five hundred people and the first chess tournament is supposed to date back to the fifteenth century but, although there is no evidence of this, the living match retains all its charm.

Bassano del Grappa e Asolo

Tiber Limousine Service’s driver will then meet you again and, once you are sitting comfortably in our luxurious black Mercedes with Wi-Fi connection to the Internet to let you share your photos with your friends, in a few minutes he will take you to Bassano del Grappa, driving along the foothills showing beautiful scenery on your left.

Does the name Grappa remind you of something? Yes, you are right. Grappa is precisely the famous alcoholic beverage for which the Veneto is famous around the world. This beautiful city of Bassano del Grappa fully deserves his name because here you can enjoy some of the best grappas and for sure you will not lose the opportunity to buy a few bottles to bring to your country visiting a famous distillery next to Ponte Vecchio, the Palladian bridge crossing the river Brenta.

After a nice lunch in Bassano del Grappa, our driver will head towards Asolo, just thirty minutes driving, last stop before returning back to Venice port and end this full-day shore excursion. Asolo is situated at the foot of Argenta hill on the site of Acelum, an ancient Roman town founded in the 1st century BC, and was donated from Venice to Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus, in return for the island.

Today Asolo is a renowned tourist resort frequented mostly by Venetians, but gradually becoming more well known in the world. The town is dominated by an ancient fortress on the top of Mount Ricco and its top attraction are the Asolo Castle, residence of the former Queen of Cyprus and her court, among which the important poet Pietro Bembo, and the Asolo Cathedral.

At the end of this splendid day spent in one of the most beautiful parts of the Veneto region, you just need to relax in our Mercedes while Tiber Limousine Service’s driver takes you back to the ship that is waiting for you in the port of Venice. Drop off at approximately 5:00pm, a few meters away from your cruise ship.