If you want to get to know Rome and its countryside, certainly,  this is the perfect tour for you.
Here, for instance, you will find all the tours that depart from Rome, but for sure this is the one that can help you immerse yourself in Roman culture.

Day 1 – Rome and Vatican

Firstly, a great introduction to the city of Rome and the Vatican, the first day of the limo tour shows you the wondrous sights – new next to old – of the eternal city.

The majestic structures left to us from the distant past illustrates how the city of Rome was the center of the Roman Empire and continued since to be a seat of power over the centuries. Moreover, Tiber Limousine Service will tailor this private limo tour to your preferences. So most importantly, we allow you to dictate how long you spend at each sight – one of the privileges of a private limo tour.

The city of Rome and the Vatican (an independent country with United Nations status) are a must limo tour for all visitors to Italy.
The Rome tour and Countryside continues on the second day.

Day 2 – Ostia Antica, Appian Way, Roman Catacombs, Castel Gandolfo

Once you have seen Rome and the Vatican, you will want to enjoy the archaeological sights of:

  • Ostia Antica,
  • the Underground Catacombs,
  • the Appian Way  (one of the ancient roads of the Roman Empire where marks can still be seen from Roman transports),
  • Castel Gandolfo,
  • the Castelli Romani area.

Ostia Antica was a large and wealthy, ancient harbor city, about 40 minutes from Rome. The sight is larger than Pompeii with much more to see. Moreover, Excavations began in the 19th century, discovering a theatre, temples, businesses, baths and a capitol erected during the reign of Hadrian.

During the persecution of the early Christian church in the area of Rome, Christians buried their dead in underground Catacombs. Today, archaeological excavations allow you to see these unique catacombs as part of our limo tour.

In conclusion, the final part of this Rome tour  and Countryside is Castel Gandolfo, a small town overlooking the Albano lake and the summer residence of the Catholic Pope. Here,  above all,  you can relax, have lunch and taste the famous Italian wine produced in the Castelli Romani area.