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Rome Tours

Tiber Limousine Service’s Rome tours will show you the beauty of ancient Rome and also Renaissance and Baroque Rome

In Italy we provide tours, shore excursions and transfers.Pick-up and drop-off at hotels, apartments, airports, ports, trains stations in luxurious black Mercedes-Benz sedans and minivans

Rome Tours

Tiber Limousine Service’s Rome tours will show you the beauty of ancient Rome and also Renaissance and Baroque Rome, including Vatican City (Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica). Rome was decorated with the art of the most famous sculptors and painters in history and with our private tours of Rome you will see the splendor of fountains unlike any others in the world like the Trevi Fountain, or the majestic structures that still stand from the Roman Empire, incomparable in their size and the skill required to build them (Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon …). Choosing our limousine service you can also visit the Roman Catacombs, Ostia Antica, the ancient Appian Way and the countryside around Rome, think of Tivoli Villa d’Este and Hadrian’s Villa.

It may seem an impossible task to visit the most important monuments and museums of Rome in a day but choosing to book with us, Tiber Limousine Service will provide the best English-speaking drivers, who know every aspect of Rome perfectly well and know how to choose the optimal path to minimize the time required to move from one site to another. Our expert drivers will be able to make you enjoy the best of Rome, even if the time you have is limited. You can arrange the details of your tour of Rome with our staff before arriving in Rome, but you can change on the fly by discussing with the driver.

Every moment of the day you will spend in Rome accompanied by our driver will be interesting. Even the transfers from one monument to another will be an important moment of your tour of Rome and this for two reasons. First of all, Rome is so beautiful that just only looking out of the car window you will be fascinated by the amazing amount of beautiful sights and moreover our driver will entertain you nicely providing information on the places and their history.

Rome Tour and Countryside
Visit the main attractions of Rome and Vatican the first day and Ostia Antica, Catacombs and Castel Gandolfo the second day.
Duration:2 Day Private Limo Tour
Seven Pilgrim Churches of Rome Tour
A tour inspired by a pilgrimage that dates back to 1350, then resumed in 1522. Not just for religious people but for all tourists who wish to visit the major churches in Rome.
Duration:8 hours
Rome tour of The Great Beauty film’s locations
If you love watching movies and also love Rome, this is the tour for you.
Duration:1 Day - 8 hours approx.
Rome and Vatican tour Full day
The perfect tour to make the most of your time in Rome visiting the top-rated sights.
Duration:1 Day
Caravaggio Rome tour
Monuments and churches of Rome with the best oil paintings from Caravaggio
Duration:1 Day - Approx. 8 hours
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